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     Believe in Jesus!   It seems like such an easy concept, but sometimes it is a much bigger challenge.

     The illness of a parent is one of those times.  In 2012, my dad became sick.  He was a man who had served God all of his life.  For him? Being able to communicate with others meant everything.  It is way to share about God.  Unfortunately, his disease took away those abilities.  He became frustrated, and he could not understand how he was supposed to serve God if he could not communicate.

     He was not one to give up easily.  The more difficult it became for him, the more determined he became to find other ways to communicate.  Although his belief in Jesus waned at the beginning, the illness in the end solidified his belief in Jesus.

     I had my own struggles during that time.  However, I learned that if you try hard enough, you can find Jesus in anything.  A beautiful sunset.  The kindness of a stranger.  An unexpected call from a friend.  The kids of a puppy.  Jesus is everywhere, if you just have faith and believe!
              (Melanie Baker,; Makiki Congregation)