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     Today’s scripture speaks about the good shepherd. The scripture describes the traits of what is required for a good shepherd. A good shepherd tends to their flock while also keeping an eye out for other sheep that they bring into the fold. They must be a strong leader for the flock, to guide them away from danger. Most importantly, a good shepherd will sacrifice oneself instead of running away when things turn for the worst.

     One trait in particular that intrigues me is how the shepherd continues to call out to the lost sheep. The sheep keeps an ear out for the shepherd and will join the flock once again when they hear the voice. Being able to call out to those who have lost their way and guide them back to the flock is one characteristic that stands out to me.

     I recently had a conversation in which I was asked, “when did you decide to follow Him?” My first response was, “Since birth.” But when I thought about it more, it really wasn’t until around 4 years ago. As a lamb, I was born into the flock that my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were in. As I grew older I became curious and wondered what was beyond the flock. I strayed from the flock and what was fun at first eventually became anything but fun. I eventually found myself lost and with no direction. That is until I decided to listen for my shepherd. I listened for his voice and finally decided to follow Him. The amazing part of it is that I was able to be with Him once again.

     We must continually seek out and receive the messages being sent out by our shepherd. His direction will keep our flock protected. His direction will guide us through obstacles. Most importantly, even if we stray from the flock, His voice will bring us back if we decide to follow Him.
            (Tyson Ching, Kalihi Congregation


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