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     When I was a young boy, my dad would  take myself and siblings to the beach.  Around sunset, we went out into the water with a rubber tube carrying our lay net.  Using the skills my dad got from his father and others when he was growing up, he found a certain spot where fish would swim in to feed and we would lay our net.  The next morning, we went out to gather the net.  This was the best part of fishing, to see what we caught.  After bringing in the net, we took what we caught off.  Often times, people would gather around to see what we caught.  My dad would give to those around a few fish, even though we had very little.

     My dad always taught us to be generous and share with others even how little we may have.  Whenever someone needed help, my  father left what he was doing and went to help even going so far as anticipating their needs and doing more than what people expected.  My dad never attended church, but never stopped us from going with our mom.

     A few times he would surprise us and come to reunion at Lokahi, pitch his trailer tent he constructed in a far corner of the grounds away from everyone. Even though he never participated in any of the church activities, he would help cook and do other things around the grounds.  He would tell stories to those who came to his campsite and make people laugh and have fun and shared his free spirit willingly to all.  To me, he was a follower of Christ but in an unconventional way.  To this day, I try my best to emulate his generosity, his kindness to all people and his generous response to those in need.  My dad wasn’t a “perfect” Christian in any sense of the word, but he was a good man.  And like Jesus who loves us even through our imperfections,  I loved my dad as we should love all people.
                 (Evangelist Redge Roberts, Waipahu Congregation)