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     Lord, Help Me,” the famous line when we find ourselves in troublesome situations: Midnight, before your essay is due for school the next morning, drowning with tasks and deadlines at work, physical injury or sickness.  Recently, I found myself asking for God’s help as I’ve been busy with work, dealing with illness, wedding planning, and my Grandma’s passing.  The stresses of life can sometimes be overwhelming, but through Christ all things are possible.

     Sometimes when you think everything is in your control and things are going good, we forget to be thankful for the Lord’s blessings.  Then in the tough times, God doesn’t expose us for the sake of putting us down, but rather his exposing is so that we turn back to him.  Although sometimes we may make poor decisions, we are always welcome back to eat at His table.

     Even though circumstances in life may change, we always need God in our lives.  In the good times and the bad, we need to put God first.  What better way to ask for the Lord’s help than through prayer?  Pray every morning, every night, and often in between, for with God nothing shall be impossible.
                (Briar Nakamoto, Kaneohe Congregation)