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     Our scriptural lesson tells us that  the prophet Zechariah shared that a Savior will come to share knowledge of salvation, forgiveness, and more. This child will prepare the way, give light to those who sit in darkness, and guide our feet into the way of peace. What encouraging words for those of the past and for us today.

     Last week we talked about the tree. Today, I want us to focus on the lights that we place on the tree. Oftentimes, there are multi-colored lights and for some, white lights are fine. Hopefully, the lights will remind us of the young child that came into the world. That child has given us light in so many ways, bringing hope, joy, love, and peace. Now, we are called to do the same.

     On Monday, I shared about Community of Christ at a World Religion Class at Brigham Young University – Hawaii in Laie. There were many bright and colorful lights in the eyes and minds of the students in the class. They were thinking and asking many questions. Although there were many differences and some similarities, we found joy in sharing, hope in learning, love in our relationship, and peace in our journey.

     May the lights of Jesus continue to keep us firm with joy, hope, love, and peace in our inner being.  May we move forward in bringing peace, joy,  hope, and love  to others.
         (Ralph Aona, Mission Centre President/Financial Officer,