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     During the 2017 Hawaii Reunion, we were called to be awake and respond. In other words, listen to the Holy Spirit and then respond. We may ask how do we know if we are listening to the Holy Spirit. My suggestion is, if the Spirit is calling us to do good, then respond accordingly. Last week in our community, we listened to the Spirit and shared compassion, kindness, and love. Apostle Bunda challenged us to be transformed and make the effort to help others to be transformed.

     Jesus called his apostles to go out to share and do all the good things, bring healing and hope to others. So, we are called to do the same with our family and friends. Be transformed and help others to be transformed through Jesus.

     I recently asked someone why he wanted to be baptized and he replied that he hears the call from God, wants to be a disciple of Jesus and feels the Spirit when he is doing something good.  He is awake to the Spirit and responding to proclaim the good news. May we all do the same.
                       (Ralph Aona, Mission Centre President)