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     When the disciples were discussing who is greater or better, they appeared to be like hearing children say to each other  “I am better than you”. However, we cannot say that only children have that discussion. Like the disciples, adults have the same discussion. We live in a society and culture that appear to value competition as good. With competition, prices go down, better athletes, more productivity, and more. So being better or greater is not all that bad.

     For Jesus, he wanted his disciples to know that if you are greater than it means you have gotten better. You do not rise to the top because you are close to Jesus. You are not a greater disciple because you did everything that Jesus told you to do. To be a great disciple, you must also know what is like to be not so great, not to have everything, not be a great athlete.

     I believe we are all great in the sight of God because we are God’s children. We become greater as we keep learning and doing the good things of life. We become greater as we allow God to continue to work in our living, during the good and difficult times. So remember we are all great and become greater as we keep our living with God.
              (Ralph Aona, Mission Centre President