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     When we are born into this world, each of us are given certain number of gifts from God.  In the bible, there’s the story of the widow’s mite.  She gave all that she had which was two mites.  The rich men gave much, but still had plenty left for themselves.  This illustrates that the widow gave to her true capacity.  If we share what we have this will determine our legacy.

     When I was still working, my company had a donation drive for Aloha United Way every year.  You could have money deducted from your pay check to make it easier.  There are ways that we can share our bounties to the less fortunate.  Unlike the widow, I may not have given all, but as long as it makes me feel good, I am satisfied.

     We are approaching the holiday season and soon we will be seeing the Salvation Army kettles at the entrances of many stores where we can donate.  The newspapers and television stations have their donation drives for needy families.

     At Kalihi congregation we have several programs that help the community.  Some people donate their time and food to Family Promise. This program helps the less fortunate families get back on their feet again.  We also give to the Hawaii Food Bank.

     Even our Mission Center has needs.  Ralph always mentions that Lokahi needing our help to meet its needs.

     If we all share as much as we can, we can make this a better world and this makes us feel better that we were able to help.
      (Randy Kawasaki, Kalihi Congregation)