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“The Holy Spirit is the gift of God. Which gift is in truth itself equal to the giver. Therefore the Holy Spirit also is God, not inferior to the Father and the Son.”  St. Augustine

     One of the most exciting adventures of my life is my friendship and intimacy with the Holy Spirit! Finding our place of rest and abiding in Jesus as we walk in this journey of eternal purpose is a need each of us has. Not a physical place but a place of recognition where we are able to experience peace and comfort of the soul that reflect dependence on the Holy Spirit. The Community of Christ believes in the Holy Spirit.  It is basic to our Christian life as a community.

     As a young child my grandfather Thomas Ahlo Kelii used to sit me in his koa rocking chair and tell me stories of the Holy Spirit guiding judges, kings and sages in Israel, helped people like Moses and Samuel do impossible tasks.  I did not fully understand, yet I was always curious and had a yearning to find out more. How did I do this?  I listened to the prayers offered in worship. I studied scripture and realized early on the Holy Spirit is central to Christ’s teaching. In my years of teaching, playground duty in the early morning hours was a time to be thankful, a time to pray for people, a time to reflect and give thanks to our Redeemer, Restorer and Renewer, our Lord Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. For many years this was my time, my sacred space and just the beginning of learning to retreat to God’s presence.

     In our scriptures today, John 15:26a “When the helper comes, whom shall I send to you from the Father. The spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father. He will testify of me.”  This truth is not about facts, but rather a way of life.  It is the essence of our very being.  We live in a world where competing loyalties divide us.  These conflicts, contradictions do not leave us because we believe in God, his son Jesus or because we have chosen a path of the disciple. False images, misguided passions do not exit because we love Jesus. We must find time and sacred spaces for ourselves to encounter the spirit of truth, to hear God’s voice, to reason with clarity amidst the “noise and chaos” in and around us.  I praise God in the dark places of my life because his light has invaded my mind, my heart, my reality.  This spirit of truth continues to transform my being on this day of Pentecost.
               (L. Kapua Roberts, West Hawaii Congregation)


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