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     Today, we join many other denominations to celebrate Children’s Sabbath, a day set aside to lift up our children around the world. We are called and reminded to care and nurture our children. In fact, help our children to become servant leaders in our home, community, and world.

     I am filled with joy seeing our children collect the offering at church, operate the sound system, offer a prayer, read the scripture, share a joy and concern, help clean, sing, play the ukulele, share their ideas and concerns, and so much more. We need to rejoice with them and thank them for their service to God.

     More importantly, we need to demonstrate servant leadership to our children when we visit and share the joy, hope, love and  peace with others. As King Benjamin said in Mosiah, Book of Mormon, “. . . when you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God.” May God continue to bless us as we be servant leaders.
       (Ralph Aona, Mission Centre President,